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African Waste Academy

As the official e-learning arm of SST, we’re dedicated to protecting Africa’s seas and securing the blue economy through education.

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AWA is the e-learning arm of Sustainable Seas Trust.

Our goal is to enable sustainable waste management and secure the blue economy in Africa, through lectures, webinars, online courses, and the development of reliable learning resources.

We give learners a platform on which to build international careers, as advocates for Africa’s oceans.

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What we do

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We provide various online courses, equipping learners and teachers with key knowledge on how to mitigate waste and pollution.

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E-learning in Africa

We ensure our educational programmes are easily accessible to learners across the African continent.

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Marine waste resource portal

We provide access to a vast pool of resources, enabling students, and teaching professionals, with everything they need to know how to mitigate marine litter and waste.

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Business incubation

From learning how to build a business plan, to strengthening your communication skills, we offer courses to meet the needs of all budding entrepreneurs in the marine sector.

Help save Africa’s seas.

Join the African Waste Academy

We’ll give you the knowledge and skills to help create a flourishing blue economy in Africa.

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